Multi Room AV

Multi Room Audio and Video Solutions

Multi -room audio allows you and your family to play different tracks, radio stations and other online streaming services in each-room, so everyone in the family can enjoy their own music.

With so many options to listen to music from radio, iTunes to online streaming services such as Apple Music & Spotify, it is important that the way we integrate all these various services still provides you with an easy-to-use method everyone can make the most of. Being able to recall a playlist from any room, or create a party environment with multiple rooms playing the same music in time, but maybe at different volumes, is crucial to the experience.

This is also true of the way we absorb the television in our lives, from Freeview to Sky and Netflix, a multi-room video distribution system can provide every television in your home with access to all this content from just one remote control.

In order to achieve this it is crucial that a centralised system is designed and installed to be discrete and hidden from view, but all the while delivering all the rich content available without impact on the interior design of your home. At Stuart Westmoreland we have the experience to recommend various options to best achieve this synergy across your home, maximising your leisure time enjoying the entertainment you love.