Home Cinema

The ‘Big Screen’ Experience

What was once restricted to ultra high end installations, technology now allows ‘Big Screen’ home cinema to be adapted to suit the room requirements you have. This may mean a dedicated room with a fixed screen and cinema chairs, or it may be a beautiful living room by day, but by night to rival your local multiplex once the hidden screen and the projector drop into view.

A carefully designed system can provide your family & friends with the ultimate in escapism, whether it be the latest blockbuster or the big game on a Saturday afternoon in pin sharp 4K resolution, all the while wrapped up in immersive Dolby Atmos surround sound so you feel every explosion or so that you feel like you are in the stadium itself.

With the compliment of lighting and curtain/ blind control, we can magically transport you into a world of wonder that will provide you with hours of exquisite entertainment, without ever having to leave your home.