Full home automation system with audio & visual distribution

Early in the project the client asked us to consult on a home automation system for his new home. He had some initial ideas of areas he wanted including, and through a rigorous design process we were able to advise on each discipline, resulting in a home wide system managed by Control4.

The final plan consisted of twelve stereo audio distribution rooms, along with three surround sound rooms. All internal audio zones were fitted with in-ceiling speakers except for the swimming pool, and two external audio zones were also included. Music and radio streams are available to any of these rooms, with simple source selection and the ability to quickly join zones together to give continuous music throughout the house if required.

Alongside the audio distribution provision was made the ability to distribute a number of video sources to five of the property’s rooms, with cabling laid to a number of additional ones for future integration if required as well. This system allows for any of the three Sky boxes, two media players, or centralised Blu-Ray player to be viewed on any of the attached televisions.

For safety we installed an IP camera in the swimming pool hall which can be viewed from a number of the televisions, either of the two in-wall touch screens, or any of the portable devices integrated with the system. These interfaces can also be used for selecting any of the audio or video inputs available, control the under floor heating in the house, and also allows the client to select from any of the movies stored on his network attached storage drive.

Most of the wiring and equipment is located in the dedicated plant room, and carefully installed and wired in two purpose designed cabinets. There is also a third cabinet dedicated to the main home cinema system for the Living Room, which caters for the 7.2 surround sound system and large screen television.