Bedroom with projection system – East of Loughborough

Whilst renovating his bedroom the client asked us to look at removing his old rear projection television and install a new discrete flat screen version alongside a 2.1 home cinema system. The complication arose that the new bedroom was going to have built in wardrobes along the wall facing the bed, and there was not the option of integrating a flat screen into them.

The option of mounting one on the right hand wall on a motorised bracket was discussed, but deemed too atheistically negative due to entrance into the room at a 90° angle and so viewing the side of the screen, bracket and cabling.

Instead, the solution was to place a motorised projection screen into the attic void in front of the wardrobes, and put a projector above the bed on the opposite wall.

A discrete channel was cut into the ceiling, so when the projector was switched on the screen drops into the bedroom, and retracts when it is switched off. The speakers were then mounted in each corner in line with the screen, then the equipment was located in the cupboard next to the bed. A small infra-red receiver was fastened to one of the speakers for control of the source components without needing to open the cupboard.