Media Room Upgrade

We had originally helped our client integrate some home cinema equipment from a previous home into their current one a few years before, but an overhaul of the room’s decoration prompted an update to the audio-visual aspects as well.

As the room was going to be used for a number of applications a television was installed for day-to-day viewing, around which Triad on-wall speakers were fitted. Due to the room’s width a Dolby Atmos 5.2.2 speaker configuration was chosen, with both rear on-wall and in-ceiling speakers installed, along with a pair of on-wall subwoofers. When larger screen entertainment is required for films and sports events, an acoustically transparent screen drops in front of the television for the 4K Sony projector to be viewed on. With the client’s wish to keep the aesthetics as clean as possible, a section of the ceiling was altered and a projector lift installed, so the projector can be hidden away when not in use.