Family Television Room

During the update and renovation to one area of the client’s property, he decided that inclusion of a new dedicated television room with surround sound capabilities was required. Due to the nature of the room and the requirements to leave certain original aspects of it in place, a wall mounted Kef speaker system was decided on.

The client requested a large, wall mounted television, showing Sky and Blu-Ray playback, with the main emphasis placed on sport, films and gaming for his children. However, ease of use was also a high priority within the project’s remit.

In order to simplify the control process, and make selection of the any of the available sources from a single handset, a Control4 system was installed. The Control4 home controller, along with the Pioneer Surround Sound amplifier and video sources were installed in a purpose built ventilated cupboard at the rear of the room, inside a Middle Atlantic AV rack. We also installed a wireless access point so connection of a laptop or other smart device to the internet could be achieved in this room, which was out of range of his primary broadband router.