Dedicated Home Cinema – South East of Oakham

Whilst renovating some buildings next to his home the client approached us to transform one of the rooms into a dedicated home cinema.

Due to the height of the room and the clients wish to keep the room aesthetics as neutral as possible, it was decided that the projection screen would be fitted with acoustically transparent cloth, the main front three speakers installed behind it. The side and rear surround speakers were also fitted in the wall either side of the seating area, the subwoofer custom fitted into the false wall at the back of the room.

Also recessed into this wall was the equipment rack to hold all of the source equipment and amplification, plus the Control4 automation system that binds everything together. With the rear position of the false wall, and the area available behind it due to the height of the main ceiling, we were also able to house the projector behind the wall and cut a very discrete hole through to allow the picture to be displayed on the screen, completing the clean look of the room.