Media Room – North of Leicester

During the construction of a new extension, the client decided to include a new Media Room on its first floor, and requested a room designed for the whole family to enjoy.

The main home cinema consists of a large screen TV recessed into a stud wall, and surrounded by three Niles StageFront in-wall speakers for the front surround sound channels. In-wall rear FX channel speakers are mounted either side of the large central sofa, and twin in-wall subwoofers finish the surround sound experience.

At the back of the room a cupboard hides the Middle Atlantic rack, containing the main source equipment and amplification components. Also hidden away here is the Control4 controller which is used in conjunction with the single remote control to command the system, and this in turn is accompanied by Control4’s lighting solution, providing full integration of the wall and ceiling lights, for preset scenes and individual circuit control. A traditional on/off light switch was even placed just outside the room and integrated into the lighting programming. This allows the client to select a dedicated scene when first entering the room when moving the switch to the traditional ‘on’ position, but then an ‘All Off’ command is sent when exiting the room as well, so it is not necessary to turn all the lights off before reaching the door to leave.