High Definition Video Distribution and Home Cinema – Melton Mowbray

Whilst organising the complete renovation and modernisation of his home, the client approached us about distributing high definition video around the property. The sources were to include Sky and DVD initially, but expansion was to be included within the system if possible. The client also asked if a home cinema with projection could be installed in one of the rooms. On visiting the client and his architect on site it was disclosed that the project was to include 15 rooms of distributed video over four floors.

The room that the client had originally chosen for the home cinema was deemed inappropriate, so instead an unused store in the basement was chosen for conversion. Due to the omission of audio distribution, an Audio Authority AVAtrix system was chosen to handle the video distribution, due to its scalability and ease of use. Data cable was run to each room as well as standard coaxial cable for terrestrial television signals, and a room on the ground floor was decided on to house the equipment.

During the project the client decided that due to the size of the property stand alone film players would not be sufficient. As a result an Axonix MediaMax film server with two clients was chosen to store the clients large collection of DVD’s and Blu-ray films. This could then allow two films to be played at any one time to any room connected to the distribution system, and controlled via a Nevo touch screen remote control in the home cinema, and Universal Remote Controls in the other rooms. Also added were Sky HD and a Freeview hard drive recorder for additional feeds and storage. CCTV footage from the property’s cameras is also available through the AVAtrix at the touch of a button to any room in the house.

The home cinema was fitted with an electric projection screen that recesses into the ceiling void, and picture is produced by an InFocus DLP Darkchip 4 projector. Audio is reproduced by an array of Kef speakers and a Rel subwoofer. All the equipment is housed in a freestanding Middle Atlantic rack on the ground floor.