Multi-Room Audio Distribution System and Home cinema – East of Melton Mowbray

The client was renovating a Barn for his new home and requested inclusion of a simple to use audio distribution system for the house, and projection home cinema in the main living area.

For the audio side the client selected the Sonos system with its easy-to-use touchscreen interface. The individual ZonePlayers were all located in a central equipment cabinet along with the home cinema units.

The projection system had to be designed such that the projector was fitted underneath a mezzanine level at one end of the central living area, and the screen was hidden in a custom made housing on the front of a mezzanine at the other end. In order to satisfy these requirements a JVC D-ILA projector was chosen to bridge the required distance and display onto a 3m wide electric screen. The surround sound audio was supplied by a Denon receiver and reproduced by a set of Kef KHT speakers.

Also within this area a large screen television was mounted on an articulated bracket for day-to-day viewing, and other systems were set up to be controlled by a simple remote control, wirelessly connected with the equipment concealed in the central cabinet at the rear of the room