Garden Room

Having been a previous customer, the client for this project approached us whilst planning the building of a new Garden Room. 

The building was to be situated opposite the main house on the other side of an extensive patio area, and with large bifold doors all along the side facing the existing house, the client wanted to be able to use the entertainment facilities all year round, including in the Summer when friends & family could be sat inside or out. With this in mind we were able to find a suitable electric projector screen that would retact into a case hidden behind a bulk head, and a matching high brightness projector whose image would not get washed out in the height of Summer. 

With limited locations for speakers we were able to compliment the aesthetic of the room with discreet wall mounted speakers and subwoofer from Gallo Acoustics, along with a pair of larger outdoor speakers for those sitting outside. The video distribution system from inside the house was routed to the audio visual system so the client was able to access all their regular Sky content, and control of the Garden Room and outdoor lanscaped lighting was also integrated back into the home’s full Control4 system.