Multi-Room Audio and Video Distribution with Home Cinema – North of Loughborough

Having been a previous customer, the client for this project approached us whilst planning the extension and renovation of his home. The work would involve the addition and extension of a number of rooms, as well as the complete renovation back to brick work for the rest of the property.

Having discussed the client’s requirements and the necessity for both audio and video distribution of high definition sources, as well as music, it was decided that the Living Control RoomBox and MusicBox combination best suited his needs.

Alongside these we added their high definition video distribution system for Sky and Blu-Ray playback for four of the five zones that housed televisions. The large family room was to be the main entertaining room, and so this was also fitted out with surround sound courtesy of some Kef wall and stand mounted speakers.

Due to the location of the central hub for the control products being upstairs, we also installed the Blu-ray player in this room, with full control from any applicable zone, for the ease of loading in films. Control of the system was by discrete keypads mounted in each zone, and by Nevo and Universal Remote Control programmable remote controls for the family room and other video zones respectively. All cabling was routed back to the study upstairs and a Middle Atlantic Rotating Sliding Rail System was housed in custom cabinetry to facilitate ease of installation and maintenance.