Multi-room Audio and Dedicated Home Cinema – South of Nottingham

After visiting one of our stores and viewing their demonstration facilities, the client arranged a meeting to discuss inclusion of a multi-room audio system, with dedicated home cinema, into an extension he was just starting.

Whilst the extension included a three bay garage with entertainment room above, the work also included changes to the main house where the extension joined it. This allowed us to run cables internally to other parts of the property, in order to easily expand the audio distribution system outside of the extension alone

The main room on the first floor of the new building was to be the entertainment hub of the home, and alongside the pool table, bar and pinball machine, the client asked for a dedicated home cinema at one end. Allow the original intention was for a projector and screen, the client soon decided that he preferred a large flat screen instead, and having viewed an arrangement whilst visiting our Loughborough store, decided on a Large Screen TV recessed flush with a new false wall at the far end of the room.

Although the client was planning to utilise this part of the project for films, gaming and sports viewing, he also wanted to have excellent sound reproduction for music. It was therefore decided to install high end floorstanding speakers for the main front speakers, and matching in-ceiling rears, to minimise disruption to the room half way along.

These combined with an Arcam power amplifier and dedicated stereo inputs purely for music, ensure that the client can have both surround sound and stereo available for different audio combinations.

The whole system could then also be controlled using a simple remote located in the main entertainment room. All the equipment was housed in two low level Middle Atlantic racks, which the client had fitted into some custom cabinetry to match the bar and speakers.