Dedicated Home Cinema – North of Loughborough

Whilst renovating his home the client approached us to transform some newly released space in what was an attic area into a dedicated home cinema room.

Due to the shape of the room and the clients wish to maximise both the seating and screen viewing area available, it was decided that the projection screen would take up most of the front wall space, and by fitting a screen with acoustically transparent cloth, the main front three speakers could be installed behind it. The side and rear surround speakers were also fitted in the wall and ceiling respectively, and the twin subwoofer arrangement was custom fitted into the raised back tier holding three of the six dedicated cinema seats.

An Epson projector was chosen to provide the video images, and a Pioneer AV receiver the audio duties, and Sky as the main source for programs, sport and movies.

Control of the cinema system is performed by the Control4 system, which also integrates lighting control for the cinema room, entrance hall and custom-built spiral staircase from the main house.